this is us season 2
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This is Us Season 2 is so close yet so far away.

The second season of NBC’s stunningly successful drama returns to the network in mid-September. We definitely think it is worth the wait.

Although most of the information regarding plot are kept under wraps, we do know a few tidbits about the highly anticipated second season. Here’s what we know about This is Us Season 2:

Randall will still grieve William’s death.
The relationship between Randall and William was a major focus of season 1, with the impacts of William’s passing still in full swing. In an interview with EW, the show’s creator Dan Fogelman stated that William’s impact will play a major role in season 2.

The show has a new timeslot.
This is Us is getting an even more highly coveted slot in the primetime TV lineup. The show will air on Thursdays at 9 pm, one of the most competitive slots. NBC will also be reviving it’s old “must-see TV” slogan, to celebrate the series as well as the Will & Grace revival.

There will be a few “special” episodes.
The show will air an episode after the Superbowl and a special holiday episode. These are sure to give an extra special surge in ratings! (not that they need it).

We find out how Jack dies.
Oh boy. We so badly want to know, but can never really prepare ourselves. But possibly the biggest burning question of the series will be answered.

We hope the network will drop more season secrets over the upcoming months.

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