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Every one of us has that challenging moment where absolutely nothing tends to work with a plain outfit. You keep looking at your wardrobe in sheer helplessness, looking for an accessory to spruce up the entire look with a stylish bang.

Well, you are not alone in your journey of brightening up old outfits. From doing a little DIY on your jeans to painting stilettos, we have done anything and everything to jazz up a few beloved pieces from the past.

Here is a list of 10 trendy ways that are convenient, affordable, and ideal for every level of fashionable skillset to create outfits that leave a positive impression on anyone looking at it. The trick here is to look your best with as little investment as possible.

From finding the trendy accessories to making the right matches, here is a collection of ideas curated just for your convenience.

1. Add a Belt

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The easiest way to spruce up any boring outfit is to add a belt to it. Whether it is a baggy dress or an oversized shirt, cinching it at the waist with a thin or thick belt can work wonders for you. It will enhance the hourglass figure and give you the opportunity to flaunt your beautiful curves too. Make sure that you contrast it properly, and you are all good to go!

2. Put a Jacket On It

womens leather jackets

A trendy and stylish womens leather jacket is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. It is a weather shield, a fashionable accessory, and a quick fix for all the dullness in your outfit. Whether you add it as a top layer to an outfit or use it to add some definition, it is one of the few accessories every woman must own. If you invest in a genuine leather jacket at an early stage in life, you prepare yourself for an era of fashionably perfect choices!

3. Crop a Piece or Two

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When nothing seems to work, you can get a cropped piece or two to spice up any outfit. Make sure that you don’t go matchy-matchy on the cropped outfit, as showing a lot of skin can get a little tough to handle in the summer heat.

4. Swap Your Shoes With Stilettos

womens leather jackets

A quick hack to uplift a formal outfit is to wear stilettos. Doesn’t have to be red-soled, but any pair with a decent height is good enough to go. The additional few inches of a stiletto will give the impression of mile-long legs and allow you to enjoy a fashion high that is hard to match. Stilettos carry an underrated charm that makes them the perfect match for evening wear and formal environments. And if you are a fan of the shoes, then you can carry them anywhere you like!

5. Add Some Bling

cute womens leather jackets

The charms of a couple of blingy accessories are always understated. A pair of golden hoop earrings or a chunky piece on your neck can actually lift a dull outfit with its sheer glitter. If you are out and about in a simple, little black dress, then you can easily add a pair of dangling and glimmering earrings, a solid bracelet, or even a thick necklace.

Remember that when it comes to shiny accessories, less is always more.

6. Add a Touch of Color With Accessories

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While we are still discussing the charm of accessories, one cannot deny the fact that they can introduce the right amount of color in any outfit to make a difference. You can easily add a pair of colorful, treaded earrings or chunky bracelets in shades of blues and greens to a tee shirt and jeans combo, and you are all good to win the simple accessory game.

You can even pair colored shoes with your outfit to add some value to it. Even a silk scarf can be used in this regard to make a significant difference to an outfit lacking sophistication.

Just make sure that you don’t end up looking like a rainbow with all the colorful accessories clinging to different parts of your body.

7. Monochromes For the Go

monochrome trend

Make a classy outfit with monochrome pieces to look your best. Wearing a pastel green skirt? Pair it with a pastel green coat and a bag in a darker hue, and you have already started your journey to quick fashion achievements without actually burning the entire salary.

8. Layer It Up

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When in doubt, layer it out! Yes, it may sound cheesy, but adding a few layers to an outfit can help it go from flab to fab in no time. You can add some fishnet stockings, high leather boots, a black leather jacket, and a little black dress in the mix to experience the layered look that steals the show. While layering is always considered a winter trend, you can easily follow it in the summer, too, and enjoy a moment of appreciation for your sartorial choices.

9. Play With the Silhouette

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Just a little attention to the fitting can actually make a prominent difference to any of your boring outfits. When you swap a baggy dress with something that fits you better and leaves you looking your best, you achieve the ideal look that changes everything.

10. Make Up Your Face

euphoria makeup trends

If you are not in the mood to use a fashionable accessory to lift your outfit, then you can easily switch to another technique. Use makeup! You can paint your face to perfection to make sure that your complete look outshines everyone else in the room. Add a red lip or a smokey eye in the mix, and you are all set for life!

Final Thoughts

Styling is not as complicated as people make it seem. It is just a balance of silhouette, color, and form that continues to repeat in a couple of variations for every body type. All you need to do is understand the combination that helps you feel confident, and that is truly the only thing that you need to know to bring a dull outfit to life. The best accessory for a woman is her confidence. If you have that, then everything else can probably be left aside!


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