So often when we turn to talks of representation, one group is excluded: disabled folks.

We’re constantly preaching about inclusion and body positivity and yet we continue to ignore the 61M disabled adults in this county.

And even when the media tries to offer “representation,” they often get it wrong. Think of Sia’s film Music, which offensively stereotyped people on the spectrum.

Poor attempts at representation often exclude disabled people from their own narrative — TV and movie characters are played by abled actors (i.e. Shawn on The Good Doctor, Garrett in Superstore) and are written by abled writers.

So it’s time we take it upon ourselves to seek out disabled folks — to learn from them, to normalize their bodies, and to advocate for them.

Below is a list of a few *awesome* disabled influencers. This list is just a starting point — there are so many incredible people out there and one list cannot possibly contain them all.

1. Alex Dacy

disabled influencers

IG: @wheelchair_rapunzel

Who: Fashionista, sex kitten, and advocate helping to normalize disabled bodies

2. Lauren ‘Lolo’ Spencer

black disabled influencers

IG: @itslololove

Who: Actress, model, and public speaker determined to combat ableist narratives of disabled people

3. Sinéad Burke

disabled influencers

IG: @thesineadburke

Who: Author, fashionista, former teacher, and advocate for inclusivity in fashion

4. Chella Man

trans models

IG @chellaman

Who: Deaf, trans, genderqueer author, artist, actor, and model

5. Alyssa Higgins

disabled instagram influencers


Who: Blogger (and mom-to-be!) who shares the ups and downs of her life in a wheelchair

6. Aaron Philip

black disabled influencers

IG: @aaron___philip

Who: Trans model who also raises awareness of how you can specifically help trans folks in need

7. Madison Lawson

wheelchair influencers

IG: @wheelchairbarbie

Who: Writer, fashionista, and podcaster advocating for disability representation

8. Clara Holmes

black wheelchair influencers

IG: @rollinfunky

Who: Model and lifestyle content creator

9. Shane Burcaw

disabled influencers

IG: @shaneburcaw

Who: Author, vlogger, and public speaker, who, along with his able-bodied wife, helps to educate the public about disabled people and their lives

10. Jaleesa Graham

black disabled influencers models

IG: @jaleesagraham

Who: Model and YouTuber

11. Shaylee Mansfield

deaf influencers

IG: @shayleemansfield

Who: Deaf actress, dancer, and advocate

12. Morgan

autistic influencers

IG: @neurodifferent

Who: Autistic writer helping to set the record straight about what it’s really like to be on the spectrum


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