To quote Sen. Chuck Schumer tonight, “We are not celebrating; we are relieved.”

Tonight the so-called “skinny repeal” (terrible name, by the way) failed after John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins voted “no” and we can all feel a sigh of relief. Tomorrow, 16 million Americans will wake up and learn they can still afford their health insurance. They will learn they can still afford their maternity care, their birth control, and their preventative care. I know some of those 16 million were hoping for a repeal but yes, I’m relieved for them too.

Mitch — may I call you Mitch? — We don’t care about winning nearly as much as you do. Ok, ok, yes winning is obviously great, but at the end of the day, it’s just not about that for us. We want to make the government better; we want to make people’s lives better (cheesy, I know).

I’d like to think that you used to stand for something; that maybe once upon a time you weren’t so out of touch with reality and desperate for a win that you would pass anything (this is probably naive). I probably didn’t agree with you but at least maybe you stood for something.

What do you stand for now?

The Republican Party is supposed to be that of small government but in no way did your skinny repeal indicate that.

And what’s more, your constituents just didn’t want it. Cry all you want about “repeal and replace” but your efforts had a 12% approval rating, the lowest of any bill in the recent past. This may come as a surprise to you — or perhaps you already know and just don’t care — but folks actually like having affordable health care!

We’re not saying ObamaCare is perfect. In fact, we’ve never said that. We can make it better, but this is not the way.

Tonight we go to bed knowing that Medicaid recipients can still afford their care, lifetime bans will not cut someone’s lifetime short, and women can get the reproductive care they need. We will sleep well tonight for the first time in months. How will you sleep?

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