kentucky abortion clinic
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There is a chance that Kentucky could be the first state to not have a single abortion clinic. That is, if this anti-abortion group gets its way.

Christian fundamentalist group Operation Save America (gag) is working towards shutting down EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville. This is the state’s only abortion clinic.

The group is working on creating a movement that would include hundreds of pro-life activists protesting the center. A federal court has ruled to create a buffer zone that prevents protesters from blocking access to the center. But the group is still working on some sort of plan.

The clinic’s co-founder Dr. Ernest Marshall states that,

“We have never been under siege like this. We have never had any question as to whether we would exist.”

The future of abortions in the state are very unclear at this point. Kentucky’s Republican majority control in the House of Representatives has been passing stronger and stronger abortion restrictions since their takeover. However, eliminating every abortion clinic in the state may not be permitted per Supreme Court law. It’s all a bit murky.

We will add updates if they become available.

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