If you doubted Game of Thrones costars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams have the most amazing friendship in Hollywood, this latest interview should convince you.

Speaking with W magazine, Turner opened up about her “pure love” for Maisie, who plays her onscreen sister. She said,

“Maisie and I have the purest form of true, true friendship. She’s been my rock.”

She added,

“We are kind of the only two people who know what it feels like to go through this very scenario from pretty much the same background and ending up where we are and kind of finding ourselves as we go. I think that’s why people respond so well to our friendship, I guess. They see the true, pure love between us.”

According to Maisie, the two bonding right from their first audition. In a 2013 Emmys panel, Williams said,

“I came out of the audition and said to my mum, ‘Even if I don’t get the part, I really want that girl to. She’s really cool.'”

Sophie and Maisie pretty much grew up on set – they were only 15 and 14 respectively when GoT first premiered. Six years later and the two have become like sisters IRL. Adorable.

Long live Mophie!

Photo: Maisie Williams/Twitter

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