Oh. My. God. We can’t believe we have to wait until the fall to see Tyler Posey and Gina Rodriguez together on Jane the Virgin.

We got a little taste of their onscreen magic when Posey showed up as Adam, aka Jane’s first love.  But other than that, we know little about his character, or how long his part will last. (We’re hoping for a season-long arc though!). While doing an impromptu Q&A via Twitter, however, Gina did mention that it was a total joy to work with Tyler. She wrote,

Ugh! Gina, you are such a tease!

The CW has yet to give a premiere date for season 4, but we do know the show will move to a new day: Friday nights right after Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Two of our fave badass babes back to back? We could be down for that!

As for the rest of the Q&A, Gina dropped some knowledge on us, including that show loves It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (uh, don’t we all!) and that she misses her onscreen magic with Brett Dier (#TeamMichael all the way!). See some more of her answers below.

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