As a woman, she still has difficulty valuing herself in the workplace

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It’s no secret that podcast 2 Dope Queens has been one of the breakout stars on iTunes over i’s first two years on air. Between Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Robinson, the show is hilarious and we can’t get enough.

But despite the two ladies’ success, Robinson recently admitted that as a woman, she still has difficulty valuing herself in the workplace. At Geena Davis and BFF’s talk during the Sundance film festival this weekend, Robinson explained,

“I’m always trying to remind myself of what my worth should be. I have this internalized [thoughts like] ‘You should be happy to be here. You should be glad that you have a seat at the table.’ And so I think I’m still trying to figure that out, to be honest … I’m so focused on this idea that there’s scarcity, especially with roles for women and roles for black women. I feel like there aren’t a lot of opportunities necessarily of things that would tickle my fancy. So I think trying to remind myself that I’m worth asking for [what I want].”

We hate that the comedian still has to deal with this, despite all that she’s achieved, but we can definitely relate! But with everyone in Hollywood now discussing the uneven opportunities for men and women at work, particularly with the gender pay gap (see: Jennifer Lawrence, Emmy Rossum, Sarah Jessica Parker), we hope that things we start to get better for everyone.

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