Ok, we need to talk about Kendall Jenner.

The 21-year-old model/reality TV star seems to be stuck in a whirlwind of bad publicity and terrible career decisions that, for anyone else, would result in a downward spiral. And yet, she continues to book gigs, land magazine covers and continue on as if nothing ever happened. It’s truly baffling and we need to get to the bottom of it.

I first want to start off by saying that I am in no way a Kardashian-Jenner hater. I actually really respect Kim Kardashian for the most part, and with exception to her recent black face scandal, think she’s a shrewd businesswoman. I appreciate how she takes ownership and pride in her body and how after she was held up at gunpoint, she has helped spread the word about gun safety. She has truly made a life for herself out of thin air. Who knew a sex tape would result in an empire? That’s talent.

And I also have mad-love for Kourtney Kardashian. She seems like a great mom, a strong woman and a hard worker (and she also happens to have the cutest children ever).

But Kendall Jenner seems to be stuck in a series of scandals and the worst part is that she literally could not care less. She has never actually apologized for anything.

In case you forgot just how many scandals she’s been involved within the last year alone, let us remind you.

1. The Vogue ballerina fashion spread
kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner / Vogue

Ballerinas were pissed because it takes years to perfect their art form and they found Jenner’s photoshoot to be insulting. And yet Kendall was so blasé about the whole thing. She wrote on her blog,

“It’s so funny that people are getting pregnant and married — or having crazy drama — but my drama is ballerinas being upset at me! With my Vogue Spain shoot, I didn’t even know I was going to be a ballerina until I went into hair and makeup.”

2. The Vintage band tees

kendall jenner biggie smalls

Kendall, with her sis Kylie, released vintage tees of artists like Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and the Doors, and then plastered their face on top. After a huge internet backlash and a lawsuit, they pulled the tees and released a statement saying, “The allegations made are completely false and the lawsuit is baseless.”

3. The Frye Festival Incident

kendall jenner fyre festival

Kendall shamelessly promoted the Frye Festival on her social media accounts and then the festival turned out to be a bust with zero performances or accommodations. Kendall never even bothered to show up and she never said a word about it.

4. The Pepsi Commercial
kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner / Pepsi

Do we even need to recap this? Kendall Jenner starred in perhaps the most tone-deaf commercial of the year and then, after Pespi pulled the ad and apologized, hid in her Calabasas home. Her sis Kim defended her an interview but Kendall never addressed the incident in public.

5. The Pro-Smoking Pic
kendall jenner smoking
Kendall Jenner / Instagram

Kendall posted a black and white pic to Instagram of her smoking last month, which many felt glamorized smoking to her young fans. The image has yet to be taken down.

6. The Bartender Tip Incident

kendall jenner bartender tip

Recently, a bartender accused Kendall of refusing to tip him, posting a pic of the receipt as proof. The picture has since been taken off IG and Kendall responded on Twitter by saying, “damn, I guess next time we won’t tip in cash.”

All of this is to say that she has exhibited a clear and perhaps deliberate pattern of insensitivity and carelessness. And she clearly doesn’t give a fuck.

And just as bad? Her fans don’t really seem to care either. Yes, one of her fan Twitter accounts released that epic 14-point thread on why they were done with her, but other than that, she seems to still have a loyal following. For gosh sake she still has 82.5M Instagram followers!

What’s particularly baffling is that in the era of Trump, it’s pretty much impossible to be apolitical. In fact, if you’re being apolitical, you’re part of the problem. So many celebrities have really stepped up and fought against the discrimination of the Trump White House like Demi Lovato, Lauren Jauregui, Shailene Woodley, America Ferrera, Lady Gaga, Yara Shahidi and more.

And if you’re not active politically, you get called out. Who could forget how fans reacted when Taylor Swift kept silent during the 2016 election? So why is it that Kendall Jenner repeatedly gets a pass for her silence? Why do we allow this behavior to become acceptable?

I’m not saying that every single celebrity needs to also be an activist. But if we’re demanding more from our community, more from ourselves, we also need to demand more from those in power. And even if it’s just a little thing, like participating in a protest as Gigi and Bella Hadid did earlier this year, it’s better than nothing.

Kendall needs to be held responsible for her actions, or lack thereof. We can no longer accept this kind of blasé attitude. Get it together, Kendall Jenner, or get out.

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