Apparently Jon Snow is a big Elmo fan.

source: Instagram

Apparently Game of Thrones star Kit Harington would desperately like to be on Sesame Street!

Harington told Elle that he was a big fan of the show and has been vying for a spot on the children’s program forever! He said,

“I was a massive Sesame Street fan when I was little. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV if I was ill and had to stay home from school—because that would encourage me to stay home. The only thing I was allowed to watch was Sesame Street. It backfired on Mum, because I would want to stay home just to watch Sesame Street. In fact, I was talking to Peter Dinklage the other day, and he said he’d been on the show and I was like—you can put this in print—I want to be on Sesame Street. That would be a dream for me.”

Harington added,

“I’d be quite starstruck by the puppets.”

LOL! We admit it — we would probably be pretty starstruck if we saw Elmo too!

We would totally a dig a Jon Snow-themed episode of Sesame Street… although that may be a bit much for the kids.

Game of Thrones season 7 returns to HBO on July 16.

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