For those of you with panic in your eyes…

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For those of you with panic in your eyes, let Planned Parenthood Chief Medical Officer reassure you: “our doors will stay open no matter what.”

While many media outlets are using fear-based journalism to wreak havoc in the pro-choice bunch, let Reagan McDonald-Mosley, aka Planned Parenthood’s CMO squash those fears right here and now.

Speaking with Vice’s Tonic, Reagan explained,

“A Trump administration will not be the end of Planned Parenthood. At this point there’s a lot of uncertainty about exactly what the president elect will do and what his administration will undertake in terms of access to women’s healthcare. I can tell you that Planned Parenthood will continue to provide care to those who need it. We have survived in an adverse environment for 100 years, and our doors will stay open no matter what.”

Phew! We have to admit that the president-elect’s threats of shutting down Planned Parenthood and reversing Roe v. Wade, have been more than a little frightening. But to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth that PP isn’t going anywhere is a huge relief.

“I think it’s important to assuage people’s fears. Donald Trump has said he is going to be a president for all people, and hopefully he will also be a president for women. One in five women will turn to Planned Parenthood for care during their lifetimes, and one in three women will have an abortion. There aren’t women who have abortions and women who don’t, there are women in different points in their lives. There is uncertainty ahead of us, and a person’s right to access abortion in this country may face renewed attacks. But one thing is certain: We will never back down, and we will never stop fighting to protect the access to care that so many people across this country depend on.”

Amen, sister friend!

a planned parenthood army

An army of pro-choice advocates and volunteers are currently undergoing training on how to win a political campaign. This is no joke, people.

“This was, I believe, the largest volunteer training we’ve ever had in the history of Planned Parenthood,” Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards told ThinkProgress about the last training session.

But the training is only the beginning of what Cecile calls “the most expensive electoral effort in its 100-year history.”

They’ve also began holding membership summits, like the one held recently in Pittsburgh (called The Power of Pink)that brought in over 1,000 supporters.

The Executive Director of Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund, Deirdre Schifeling, told Fuse,

We very quickly had to get our bearings and figure out what we needed to do in these states in order to fight back. We are building our strength because we must. But we are 9 million strong, and the thousand people who are here today are the tip of that iceberg.”

This is amazing! We are so proud of Planned Parenthood for going for it and staying strong. #IStandWithPP

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