It’s not hard to find unisex baby clothing in NB or 0-3mo size, but beyond that, it seems like the majority of kid’s clothing brands assume parents have assigned their child a gender, leaving parents (and children) with no other option than to purchase something that’s stereotypically feminine or masculine.

If your child isn’t into sparkles or monster trucks and is trying to figure out what they do like, choices can be limited. There’s still a long way to go, but new clothing lines that include gender-neutral options are popping up everywhere. Because of this, more and more established brands are starting to do the same, which means parents won’t have to pay an unnecessary premium to have this option.

Someday, hopefully sooner rather than later, there won’t need to be special lists to help parents find gender-neutral options. But for now, here are a few brands that carry unisex baby and kid’s clothing that will still leave your little one looking cute as ever (in clothes they will actually feel comfortable in).

1. Miles Baby & Miles Child

affordable gender neutral baby clothes

Miles Baby and Miles Child offer clothing options from 3mo to (little kid) size 7. The brand has an assortment of options that include unisex, girls, and boys, but honestly, most of the clothes that are categorized as “boys” or “girls” can be worn no matter the child’s gender identity. Prices range from about $25 to around $65, but with it being a small company everything is made from quality materials.


gender neutral kids clothes

RAGS has a bunch of adorable rompers (short sleeve, tanks, and long sleeves) for babies, toddlers, and little kids. The rompers retail for around $50 each, which is a great value when you consider that they are a complete outfit. Bonus, the company is run by a woman who started it from her parents’ basement.

3. Stella McCartney

unisex baby clothes

Everything about Stella McCartney’s unisex clothing is freaking adorable and sizes range from 3mo to 14 years+. The pieces are full of bright colors, fun phrases, and have a casual design that’s perfect for playing. This is Stella McCartney, though, so there’s a bit of a premium (prices range drastically, but average somewhere between $50-$100), however there are always great sales so if this is more than you’d normally pay, you can still snag something at a great price.

4. Burt’s Bees

unisex kids clothes

If you want some cozy PJs, Burt’s Bees has your back. They carry pajamas from NB to kid’s size 7 in boys, girls, and unisex options. Pricing is super reasonable, ranging from $14 to $17. Baby sizes are mostly footie/zip pajamas, while the toddler and big kid sizes are separates (sold together as a pair). Burt’s Bees has patterns for every day wear as well as for a handful of holidays. Plus, everything is made from 100% organic cotton, which means it’s about as soft as it gets.

5. Sol Angeles

gender neutral kids baby clothing

Sol Angeles has unisex (in addition to boys and girls) options ranging from 3mo to kid’s size 14. The brand, in general, has a laid back vibe, and kid’s clothes include tee-shirts, hoodies, and sweats. Each piece ranges from around $40-$70 (but they also have some great sales). The company is run out of LA by a husband and wife who have kids of their own (so they know what kind of quality parents are looking for).

In the not-so-distant future, gender-neutral kid’s clothing will become the rule, not the exception. Thankfully, there are already some brands willing to pave the way for the ones that are slower to change, and they have some really, really cute clothes to choose from.

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