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So much good music, so little time! Some of the most anticipated albums are coming out July 2017 and we have the lowdown on all of them.

Below, check out our top picks for new music to look forward to.

HAIM, Something to Tell You

HAIM’s second album is finally coming! We’ve already heard the first singles “Right Now,” “Little of Your Love” and “Want You Back,” and they’ve only made us more and more excited. Their album drops July 7 and one week later Apple Music will release a documentary about the making of the album.

French Montana, Jungle Rules

Drake announced via Instagram last week that French Montana. He said it would be his “most influential album ever.” Do we foresee a Drake collab on the album? We hope so! The album debuts on July 14.

Lana Del Rey, Lust for Life

We have pretty much been counting down the days until Lana Del Rey’s fifth album. And we can’t believe we still have to wait three more weeks until July 21! In the meantime, we’ve been listening to the title track “Lust for Life” on repeat and reading and rereading her interviews on the album. She says the songs were influenced in part by the resistance and in part by her daily life.

Arcade Fire, Everything Now

The last album drop of the month comes July 28 from Arcade Fire. The band has already released the singles “Everything Now” and “Signs of Life,” as well as a music video. It will be the band’s fifth studio album.

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