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credit: Trader Joe’s

Honestly, what did we do to deserve Trader Joe’s?

The beloved grocery chain has earned a special place in many people’s hearts over the years. From its regular food staples to its specialty items, there’s a reason there’s always a buzz about the store.

I could make a never-ending list of what to buy at TJ’s, but here are the 10 Trader Joes items that are always in stock at my house:

Quinoa & Black Bean Infused Tortilla Chips
Don’t let the name dissuade you, these tortilla chips are the best around. With a light but pleasing flavor, they can be eaten plain or with your favorite dip.

Fruit Leathers
These are perfect to throw in your bag or for a sweet treat after lunch. They are also a slightly healthier alternative to candy. Although they still contain a decent amount of sugar, they are made completely of fruit puree.

“This Strawberry Walks Into A Bar”
These cereal bars are a perfect morning snack that comes in a few different flavors. You can always count on strawberry and blueberry, as well as some of their seasonal flavors. My personal favorite is cranberry, which comes out around Thanksgiving time.

Gone Bananas!
These individually sliced bananas are dipped in the perfect amount of dark chocolate and are so good, you’ll have to be careful not to eat the entire box in one sitting.

Raspberry & Vanilla Cream Bars
These little ice cream/popsicle hybrids are so flavorful and refreshing. They are pretty rich so even though they are small, just one is satisfying. They also come in mango.

Jasmine Rice
This is literally just white rice but it microwaves in 3 minutes and is the perfect complement to any meal. It has been a game-changer. No more burnt rice!

Chili Lime Chicken Burgers
These are a healthier alternative to burgers, and you can heat them up right on your stove top. They are packed with flavors and what you see is what you get, no artificial gunk in these guys. They make for a tasty and quick meal.

Frozen Grilled Asparagus Spears
Love grilled veggies but don’t have the time? Trader Joe’s has a few options for frozen grilled veggies that are the perfect way to get greens on your plate. My personal faves are the asparagus spears.

Peanut Butter
I had no idea up until recently that some of my favorite peanut butter brands were loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. What I once thought to be a healthy snack/spread turned out to borderline garbage for you. Luckily, Trader Joe’s has much better options. I am a fan of their creamy, salted peanut butter. Tastes very close to some of your favorite big name brands, but contains only two ingredients: peanuts and salt. As it is natural, you do have to refrigerate the jars after you open them.

Spiced Chai Tea Bags
The spiced chai tea bags at TJ’s are the best I’ve ever had. I’ve tried other brands that taste like straight up dishwater to me, but Trader Joe’s blend is robust and delicious. If you love chai but don’t want to drop big bucks at Starbucks all the time, get these.

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