Aerie by American Eagle just stepped their body positive game way up. The brand just posted a pic of pregnant blogger Alitzah Evans Stinson wearing two-piece as part of their #AerieReal campaign and we are so pumped.

Aerie has gained a ton of attention for its commitment to hiring curvy models like Iskra Lawrence and for promising to leave their photos unretouched — a promise they’ve kept.

But now they’ve taken their pledge to body positivity one step further, by modeling a bikini on a pregnant woman, especially since the bikini is not part of a “maternity line” (not that maternity bikinis should be a thing, but we just needed to point that out). It’s so rare for a clothing brand to use a pregnant model ever, especially in a swim campaign and we can’t help but gush with pride!

arie pregnant model
source: Instagram

Stinson posted a similar photo on her own Instagram a week earlier, telling her fans that for every unretouched swim photo they posted with the hashtag #AerieREAL, Aerie would donate $1 to the National Eating Disorders Association. We love it!

Many often forget that body positivity includes all bodies, including pregnant bodies. So glad to see Aerie taking another step in the right direction.