All-natural and inexpensive? Count us in.

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When we first heard the phrase “beauty products for your vagina,” we were, well, weary. Aren’t all those products just a scam, after all? Turns out, they’re not — well, at least, Lo Bosworth products aren’t. Hear us out.

Lo’s products aren’t aimed to cover up the natural smell of your lady garden like some other products (ahem, Summer’s Eve) and aren’t designed to clean what is already a self-cleaning organ. Rather, Lo’s new brand Love Wellness, is all about maintaining the health of your lady bits.

Lo was inspired after finding is overly difficult and complicated to fix vaginal infections and other issue down there. Not to mention many products in the pharmacy aisle aren’t actually particularly safe to use on your delicate vag.

“Why can’t we elevate the experience of being a woman and take care of our bodies in a way that is enjoyable rather than embarrassing?” she told Well & Good.

source: Instagram

The result is a full line of suppositories, probiotics, vitamins, wipes, cleansers, and moisturizes, all designed to help you care for yourself. Plus, they’re both all-natural and doctor-approved, so it’s a win-win. The products range in price from $18-$24, so they’re relatively accessible.

Right now you can only order products through the brand’s website, but we have a feeling stores will want in on the action.

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