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Zayn has become known for his metrosexual fashion vibes and now he’s decided to bring it to the masses! The singer has been carefully crafting his new collection for Versus Versace and opened up about his desire to create a more gender-neutral line.

Speaking with Vogue, he said,

“I wanted all of my fans to be able to wear my designs, no matter their gender. It was a challenge of course, as the workload was a lot more than if I chose to do just one piece or a few pieces, but this was worth it. I’m so pleased with the results.”

Zayn said the collection was inspired by how he and his friends dress right now:

“It’s about the attitude of the street—a mix of sports, functionality, and customization.”

Of course, there are a few items that are gender-specific, like bralettes and dresses, but most of the items are extremely versatile. The line includes an array of tees, activewear, jackets, and backpacks, with a ton featuring leather and denim.

The collection ranges from $175 to $1,550 so it’s definitely not for everyone, but perhaps a little success will inspire him to go more budget-friendly next time.

Zayn has already confirmed that this is just the first of hopefully many collections to come. He previously admitted that he had a bit of help from girlfriend and supermodel Gigi Hadid and even Hadid’s sis Bella is modeling for the line.

“This is not the last time I will design. Working with Versace made sense because I had a long relationship with the brand. It felt natural.”

You can view the entire collection here.


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