amandla stenberg
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Is it just us, or is this summer all about the shaved head? Whether it’s a hardcore buzzcut or a dainty pixie cut, it looks like all our favorite women are going for the androgynous look.

Cara Delevingne and Amandla Stenberg committed to the bald look for acting roles, Cara for Life in a Year and Amandla for Everything, Everything. Meanwhile, Katy Perry just felt like changing it up.

A few of our other favorite looks include Zoe Kravitz, who not only went pixie but also bleach blonde, Kristen Stewart, Halsey, and Amber Rose. Because what would a blad beauties list be without Amber, whose pretty much the queen of the shaven look. Oh, if only Britney could have waited a few more years to shave her tendrals, she could have been so in vogue!

Scroll through the pictures below to get a glimpse of all the best looks for the summer.

kristen stewart shaved head
Kristen Stewart


katy perry shaved head
Katy Perry


amandla stenberg shaved head
Amandla Stenberg


Cara delvingne shaved head
Cara Delevingne


zoe kravitz shaved head
Zoe Kravitz


amber rose shaved head
Amber Rose


halsey shaved head
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