Yara Shahidi knows how to make a statement.

The grown-ish actress has become an incredible fashionista over the last few years, cultivating a style all her own. But the best part? The way she uses her outfits to make her political opinions known.


For Yara, fashion has always been political. She told Teen Vogue in 2018,

“I wear a ton of political T-shirts because I get to wear things that state my political opinions. Fashion is associated with an ideology. You could wear a beret, but when you tilt it to the side, you go from Parisian to Black Panther.”

But her clothing is just the beginning of her activism. The actress started We Vote Next (formerly Eighteenx18), which empowers Gen-Zers to get involved and take the issues into their own hands. She’s also interviewed Michelle Obama (who even wrote her college recommendation letter!), spoke at the Women’s March, and has used her platform to educate her fans on issues of equality, police brutality, feminism, and more.

So, to honor Yara, we put together a collection of her very best looks that bring together her style with her politics.

1. Respect My Existence

yara shahidi style

Yara rocking Hstry‘s “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance” at Glamour‘s 2017 International Day of the Girl. The brand is owned by rapper Nas (who also happens to be her cousin!).

2. Afros Out

yara shahidi style fashion

Yara carrying a “Fists Up Afros Out” tote by the brand, aptly named, Fists Up Afros Out. That specific bag is no longer available but you can check out their new tote here.

3. VOTE!

yara shahidi vote tshirt

Yara wearing Tory Burch’s iconic “Vote” t-shirt — the same one her eponymous Barbie wears!

4. Stronger Together

yara shahidi womens march

Yara with black-ish co-star Tracee Ellis Ross speaking at the 2016 Women’s March wearing the classic “Stronger Together” tee.

5. Black Lives Matter

yara shahidi black lives matter

Say it louder for the people in the back!

6. Stand with Immigrants

yara shahidi style fashion

Yara showing her support for immigrants back in 2017.

7. Human Rights

yara shahidi activism

Why stick to one issue when you can tackle them all? Yara wearing the Revolutionary Intersectional Love Is Love T-Shirt in April of this year.

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