Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is ready to get personal. The actress recently chatted with Bust magazine and got super intimate.

Gina’s character Jane Villanueva saved herself for marriage, so it’s no shocker that the topic of “saving yourself” came up during her interview. She said,

“In all honesty, I used to feel guilty for masturbating. Oh my god, this extreme guilt! And that lasted way too long. Or maybe I masturbated too much! It’s OK to look back in retrospect and be like, it wasn’t good that I felt bad about touching myself. And it isn’t bad that I want to share my love with my boyfriend. I’m 32 years old, I’m an adult, I can do that!”

We completely applaud her honesty here — masturbation, particularly for women, is something our culture frowns upon and young girls are often felt to feel guilty for it. Not cool. Even as adults, women rarely talk so openly on the topic so we’re glad to see Gina getting so real here.

Rodriguez also talked about another topic dear to her heart — diversity onscreen. She advised her fellow Latinas,

“Latinos make up 38 percent of the box office every weekend. That’s a lot! So if you want to see Latinos in big studio films, and they don’t exist in them, don’t see them, because in this industry, money talks more than anything. If you do not see yourself and your community in the ways that you want, don’t purchase tickets. If you don’t purchase, they’ll stop making [something exclusive]. If you don’t purchase, they’ll start to include.”

There’s certainly no reason for the industry to exclude Latinas or anyone at this point. Jane the Virgin is one of The CW’s most popular shows and its main cast is almost nearly all Latinas.

Jane the Virgin season 4 will premiere in the fall on a new night — Fridays right after Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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