lana del rey lust for life
source: Instagram

Lana Del Rey’s new album Lust for Life has leaked online and the singer is not happy about it. Her revenge? Trolling fans who brag about downloading it.

Apparently, a few lucky fans got their hands on the leaked album L4L and Lana is just not having it. She took to Twitter to call out fans who were using an illegal link to hear the new songs. Our favorite comment? When Lana responded “U little fuckers.” LOL! We’re glad Lana can still have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

The link has supposedly since been deleted, but we have no doubt that the leaked songs live somewhere on the internet as, and let’s be real, nothing ever disappears from the internet entirely.

Lust for Life officially drops this Friday, July 21. Lana has already released the title track featuring The Weeknd, as well as “Coachella- Woodstock in My Mind” and “Groupie Love.” She said the album was inspired by current events, including the Women’s March.

For those law-abiding citizens who are still waiting for the album release, watch Lana’s “Lust for Life” music video below.

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