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8/9/17: Yesterday marked Taylor Swift’s first day in court for her trial against David Mueller for sexual assault and she came ready for battle.

According to BBC, Mueller’s lawyer made the disgusting opening statement that “falsely accusing someone of inappropriate touching is equally offensive, equally wrong and should not be tolerated.”

His remarks were everything that is wrong with the society’s view on sexual assaults in America: women are rarely believed and even made to feel guilty for taking action against their assailants.

Luckily for Swift, her lawyers said all the right things. They said,

What’s wrong with this picture? A woman gets assaulted, a woman reports it, and she gets sued. It’s not inappropriate touching. It’s assault.”

Amen to that! Women shouldn’t be afraid to report sexual assault for fear of retaliation.

Swift was present for all the opening statements, as well as jury selection. Her mom accompanied her to court and is also expected to take the stand at some point during the trial.


7/29/17: Taylor Swift is officially set to testify at her sexual assault trial against DJ Davide Mueller.

According to court documents obtained by The Denver Post, “Ms. Swift … will testify at trial, that (radio talk show host David) Mueller ‘put his hand under (her) dress and grabbed (her) bare *ss.”

Additionally, Taylor’s mother and bodyguard, as well as a photographer who witnessed the incident, will also take the stand.

The trial will officially begin August 7, but no word yet on when Taylor will speak out against the crime.

We couldn’t be prouder of Swift for having the courage to take the stand against her accused. We hope she gets the justice she deserves.


7/21/17: Taylor Swift just won a major battle in her sexual assault lawsuit against a Denver DJ and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

If you’ll remember, back in 2013 (we know, we know, that’s a freaking long time ago) Swift claimed that the DJ David Mueller lifted up her skirt and groped her before a concert. Mueller claimed it was false and sued her two years later. She then countersued for assault and battery.

A little while later, it turned out that Mueller destroyed major evidence in the case, including a recording of him and his then-boss discussing the incident. Um, not ok. Mueller has since admitted to destroying the evidence including a laptop, cell phone, iPad, and computer.

Ok, so now we’re all caught up to 2017.

As of Wednesday, the judge in the case has officially ruled that the DJ will be sanctioned for destroying the “critical evidence.” The result? Swift and her lawyer will be allowed to question Mueller on the record about the contents of the recording.

We realize the whole situation is a bit confusing, but the only thing you need to know is that the judge ruled in Swift’s favor! He will allow her to enter into evidence a conversation about the groping, a conversation which Mueller taped and then tried to destroy.

Swift still has a long road to go before she scores her ultimate victory — her trail hasn’t even started yet.

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