Are we quoting Ilana from Broad City or yelling out the name of a new sex toy? Both!

Broad City just partnered up with Lovehoney to release a line of sex toys inspired by the series. And there’s no shortage of choices; the line offers 14 to choose from.

From the Yas Kween Vibrator to the Pegasus Pegging Kit or Nature’s Pocket Kegel balls, there is something to please everyone. Pun very purposefully intended.

Lovehoney co-founder Neal Slateford spoke with ELLE to talk about the exciting new partnership. He explained that they’ve partnered with other shows and brands, but that this is the first time a show has come to them asking to release a line of sex toys.

broad city vibrator

He also stated that he hopes this line will help those who are interested in trying toys out but don’t know where to start. He says,

“We know we have these ‘considerers,’ and they need something to give them permission to buy a sex toy. For the younger demographic, this is it.”

With Broad City’s younger demographic and sexual positive attitude, we wouldn’t be surprised if this new line attracts some new ‘considerers’.

The show’s popularity has helped bring various sexual experiences to the mainstream in ways we’ve never seen before. Its positive attitude is refreshing and makes conversations about sexual experiences less taboo.

We hope this pattern continues. Neal Slateford seems to think it will. He says,

“There is more and more interest from mainstream celebrities in getting into this category. When I started to go to licensing shows five to six years ago, nobody wanted to talk to me.”


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