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source: Instagram

(Warning: this post contains content regarding rape and sexual assault.)

Abigail Breslin is not here for an Instagram troll’s BS, especially in regards to a painful personal experience.

The actress, who has been fairly open about her own rape experience, posted an infographic on Instagram to inform her followers about sexual assault and rape-related facts in light of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

abigail breslin
source: Instagram

The infographic includes information about the lack of reporting assault cases and the number of perpetrators who walk free.

The post received brave feedback from many followers, but sadly, also some trolling from rape-deniers.

In particular, one user sickeningly commented that “reported rapes are the only rapes that count.”

In response to this comment, Breslin shared a note about her own experience, and why she never reported it.

source: Instagram

We applaud her bravery and for shutting down haters who have nothing better to do with their time than to try to negate someone’s painful personal experience. Ironically, these trolls proved her point in a way. Their atrocious denials of people’s experiences show how discussions of consent are still vital.

So to anyone who thinks these kinds of comments are warranted: know the facts, or log off.

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