Leave her alone!

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Abigail Breslin recently posted a pic of her and friend Tiffany Trump on Instagram but she didn’t anticipate the reaction she would get.

The two ladies were both at a friend’s birthday dinner when the snap was taken and Breslin later posted it online. And that’s when the hate started flooding in. Despite being openly anti-Trump, Breslin has receiving accusations of supporting the President-elect, among other insults. It must have really gotten to her because she later took to Twitter to clear a few things up.

“Everyone commenting mean shit on my last insta, I have known Tiff for years she’s a beautiful soul and regardless of your political views, do not take it out on her it is completely unfair. Also I would like to ask every single person on here how they’d feel if they were persecuted solely based on the actions of their parents.”

She later posted a second message to Instagram writing,

“To everyone who’s being horrible and disgusting to me rn, I didn’t vote for trump. It’s none of anyone’s business, but I didn’t. However, it is honestly disgusting of people to be so cruel about tiff who is a wonderful and kind person. If you’re judging me for handing out with someone I’ve known for years at our friends bday party, you need to reevaluate your life.”

We definitely feel bad for the Scream Queens actress. Being friends with someone does not imply that she has certain political affiliations, and even if she does, we shouldn’t persecute anyone for their beliefs. Isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place? Electing someone as president who persecutes folks for their belief systems? Let’s end this now.

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