About femestella

Simply put, Femestella is a celebrity news website with a modern feminist twist. We think the 2017 young feminist can love Roxanne Gay and Kim Kardashian. We also cover the latest in health, style, and entertainment news. We’re for women and by women and we write with only you in mind.

How we began

Femestella was started in 2016 by Lena Finkel, who previously worked at Tiger BeatInStyle, and People magazine. She was tired of constantly seeing all the sexist news and wanted to start a blog where women were celebrated for their achievements. Plus, she needed an outlet for her obscene love of all things Chrissy Teigen and Vanderpump Rules.

Behind the Name

So why the name “Femestella”? The name was inspired by the word “fenestella,” which means “a small window.” We wanted to give you a “small window” into the lives of your favorite celebs. We changed the “n” to an “m” because all great words start with “fem,” don’t they? Feminist, feminine, fem the future…you get it.

Rapid Growth

Over the last year, we’ve experienced rapid growth, especially on our social. Our Tweet impressions have grown 300% in the last month alone. In addition to Twitter, we’ve also seen growth in social referrals and impressions on Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr,

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