Femestella is where feminism meets pop culture. We cover everything from TV to mental and reproductive health to LGBTQ issues to politics. Our team is full of badass babes with passion, opinions, and ideas. We’re fearless and we’ll slay the patriarchy, one misogynist at a time.

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Lena Finkel, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Lena is the Editor and Founder of Femestella. Prior to starting Femestella, she worked at People, InStyle, Sesame Workshop (Sesame Street), and Tiger Beat. She soon felt like her voice was becoming too watered down by the mainstream sites and realized that if she wanted a place to truly speak her mind, she would have to create it. When she’s not writing, she spends her time obsessing over all things makeup, Vanderpump Rules, and her tuxedo cat Tom.

You can read Lena’s articles here.

Michelle Vincent, Writer

Michelle is a project manager and freelance writer. She enjoys traveling, is worried she won’t love her future children as much as she loves her dogs, and is actively recruiting podcast recommendations.

You can read Michelle’s articles here.

Erin McDowell, Assistant Social Media Editor

Erin is a pop-culture-obsessed freelance writer and social media enthusiast. Her interests include re-reading her favorite books, Korean skincare, binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Raceand trying every coffee shop in a 50-mile radius.

Ashley Ziegler, Writer

Aside from being a writer, Ashley is a mom of two girls and a wife to a passionate public school administrator. When she does have free time (cue laughter from working moms everywhere) she loves going to hot yoga classes, watching anything on Netflix that isn’t a cartoon, and weaving her way through every aisle of Target while listening to one of her favorite podcasts.

You can read Ashley’s articles here.

Ayo Osobamiro, Writer

Ayo is a writer and producer based in Brooklyn, but proudly from the Midwest. When she’s not agonizing over applying to grad school, she is working on her first podcast, I Think I Read This Somewhere.

You can read Ayo’s articles here.

Shannon Vize, Writer

Shannon Vize is a freelance writer and content strategist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her writing has been published by Elite Daily, Taylor Magazine, CIO, and Forbes. When she’s not hate-binging the latest episode of The Bachelor franchise, she’s busy trying to dismantle the patriarchy by dissecting the latest anti-feminist theme in pop culture to anyone who will listen.

You can read Shannon’s articles here.

Ashley Turner, Writer

Ashley is a Blerd and pop culture glutton with a penchant for video games. She is a freelance writer, whose articles have appeared in Black Girl Nerds and Screen Rant. Life is happiest for her when she’s able to indulge in her childhood hobby, by putting pen to page.

You can read Ashley’s articles here.

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