adam devine
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Adam Devine has come a long way as a comedic actor. What started as a web series has turned into a 7-season run of Workaholics on Comedy Central with pals Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Kevin Newacheck. His role as Adam Demamp launched his acting career and before you knew it he was staring in hit films Pitch Perfect and his latest Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, as well as landing a guest-starring role on Modern Family opposite Sarah Hyland.

adam devine
credit: Instagram

Before the 32-year-old became the fastest rising comedy star in Hollywood, he was a wheelchair-bound pre-teen.

[Tweet “”People are drawn to someone who has the confidence to be funny and take control of a situation.””]

At 10 years old, Adam was run over by a cement truck. 26 surgeries later and half a school-year later, Adam was forced to return to school in wheelchair, and a lot of bullying. And that’s when he first had potential as a comedian.

“Joking about it became my way to defuse the situation. If people were picking on me, I was better at making fun of them than they were at making fun of me. I realized, ‘Oh, comedy is a powerful thing. People are drawn to someone who has the confidence to be funny and take control of a situation.’”

Nowadays it’s trying to play the straight man that Adam struggles with.

“Pure sincerity is a little harder for me. Not undercutting something with a joke. It’s something I’ve been working on. You don’t want to paint yourself in the corner where you’re always the crazy, wild party guy,” he said.

He later added,

“To be able to do more dramatic movies where you show some range and then also do big comedies with your friends? That would be the perfect life.”

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