Everyone rejoice!

Let the people rejoice! Our favorite — who are we kidding — everyone‘s favorite Adam Pally is coming to all screens everywhere and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

His first upcoming project, Joshy, is an indie-comedy that just hit theaters. The film is a low-key buddy movie, like a realistic version of The Hangover, if The Hangover‘s groom got dumped at the beginning. Adam stars as Ari, one of Joshy’s friends, alongside Nick Kroll and Jenny Slate.

Adam is also hitting the small screen as Dan in Making History opposite Leighton Meester. The Fox TV show looks hilarious. It focuses on Adam as a time-traveller who goes back to 1775 in time for the revolution.

Adam first stole our hearts as one of the stars of Happy Endings (R.I.P) and then as the amazing sleezeball you can’t help but love Peter in The Mindy Project.

We are so glad that Adam is finally getting the attention that he deserves! A talent this fine shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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