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Tragedy struck when a massive fire consumed Grenfell Tower in West London early Wednesday morning. The high rise apartment building housed around 500 people.

The horrifying blaze left 12 dead, 75 injured, and sadly many more are missing.

London residents are hosting vigils and coming out to show support for those impacted by the fire. Among those showing their love is none other than Adele.

The singer and her husband visited the site of the incident, offering help and comfort to those who need it.

Photos of her visit have been swirling around social media. However, she herself has not posted anything about it, which we think is kind of wonderful. In an age where people document every moment of their life and sometimes do things for the social media attention, it’s nice to see some authenticity. Adele was there as a fellow London resident, a supporter, and a friend. People happened to capture a few pictures, but that wasn’t her doing.

A few other celebrities who have shown their support for victims of this tragic fire include Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, and Lily Allen. Additionally, Chef Jamie Oliver has offered free food and shelter to those impacted who need it.

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