The Affordable, Clean Hand Lotion Saving My Dry Skin

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After a summer of endless hand washing, my skin is definitely starting to suffer. Add my eczema into the equation and my hands have never been worse.

I’m usually loyal to Eucerin Eczema Relief Cream but I recently got the chance to try out Mademoiselle Provence’s hand creams and my hands are *finally* starting to recover.

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The French skincare company recently landed at Target and is vegan, cruelty-free (as per European regulations), and made of mostly natural ingredients.

I’ve been trying to support more cruelty-free brands lately (watching those videos of beagles trapped in cages is truly heartbreaking) but it can be hard to find products that fit my budget. Mademoiselle Provence is still a little more expensive than Eucerin, but not by very much (a 2oz bottle of Eucerin costs $7.49, while a 2.5oz bottle of Mademoiselle will run you $9.99).

I was personally drawn to the Almond and Orange Blossom Ultra Rich hand cream considering how extremely cracked my hands were. I started using it in combination with hydrocortisone lotion for the itch and I can definitely see this becoming my go-to winter routine. And, no shade to Eucerin, but this certainly feels a lot more luxurious.

You can check out Mademoiselle Provence’s full line at Target here or shop some of our favorite picks below.

best hand cream

Mademoiselle Provence Almond and Orange Blossom Hand Cream

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Mademoiselle Provence Lavender & Angelica Hand Cream

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Mademoiselle Provence Rose & Peony Hand Cream

Mademoiselle Provence Provence Verbena & Lemon Hand Cream


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