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After Kendall Jenner received a ton of shit for Pepsi ad, she went into hiding to avoid the backlash. And although the internet is hating on her right now, Alec Baldwin is coming to her defense.

Baldwin took to Twitter to defend Jenner, writing,

Baldwin has a unique perspective in that his daughter Ireland (who’s about Kendall’s age) is also in the modeling industry, so he knows what a tough business it can be for young girls.

He continued,

And when a Twitter hater tried to come at him, Baldwin stuck by Jenner, writing,

Hmm, we definitely do see his point of view. Kendall is old 20-years-old and is still developing her opinions, so it’s not a completely unreasonable argument. But while that’s all well and good, we can’t help but look at people like Yara Shahidi (17 years old), Rowan Blanchard (15 years old), and Malala Yousafzai (19 years old), all who are younger than Jenner and has stood up for women and human rights at varying levels. For god’s sake, Malala just spoke up at the Canadian Parliament!

So we’re not sure that Kendall Jenner’s age is a good enough excuse. A better explanation would most likely be Jenner’s severe sheltered life. She grew up in a wealthy neighborhood, surrounded by wealthy and privileged friends and family. And obviously that’s not entirely her fault — she didn’t choose which family she was born into. But she is a young lady now and it’s about the time she should start spreading her wings.

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