ali wong
source: Instagram

The hilarious Ali Wong recently stopped by New York for six performances (all sold out, of course) and decided to seriously step up her wardrobe.

The comedian showed up in a black glittery jumpsuit and it’s pretty much all we can think about. The jumpsuit was a holiday item she got at H&M for only $19.99. Wong told NY Magazine,

“For me, it is the perfect intersection of pajama and fabulous.”


This is a pretty big step-up from her usual sweatpants, which she’s retired — for now.

“Before, when I performed at clubs, and especially right after I gave birth, I always wore sweatpants. Then at my first theater show after Baby Cobra, my friend and fellow comic Louis Katz told me, ‘I think you should stop wearing sweatpants now.’”

Baby Cobra is her now-infamous Netflix comedy special, which she filmed while super pregnant. The routine is pretty much a modern feminist’s wet dream, touching on everything from women’s porn desires to trying to conceive to Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In.

In addition to touring the country, Ali Wong is also working on her first book, which if her Netflix ratings are any indication, will be a ridiculous success.

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