American Eagle has long been a champion of representation and their latest campaign for their new curvy jean line did not disappoint.

AE tapped four women for the campaign — a petite size 00 model, a size 6 model, a size 12 model, and a size 22 model, aka body-positive activist Saaneah Jamison.

Saaneah actually joined the brand back in April as part of the new AExME Council, which boasts a collection of inspiring young individuals. Other members of the council include March For Our Lives co-founder Delaney Tarr, mental health activist Gabby Frost, and immigrant rights activist Edith Cruz.

american eagle curvy jeans model
Photo: @saaneah / Instagram

But now Saaneah has officially made the leap to model! Although many brands have started extending their sizes and employing curvy models, it’s extremely rare for a brand to hire a model who’s above a size 16. In fact, some brands will even hire straight size curvy girls to model plus-size clothing (Euphoria star Barbie Ferreira even admitted to doing this at the beginning of her career, which she now fully regrets). So to see Saaneah rocking jeans for such a mainstream brand like American Eagle is *awesome.*

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. American Eagle has really stepped up their representation game in the past few years, especially for their sister brand Aerie.

american eagle body positivity representation
Photo: @saaneah / Instagram

For Aerie Real’s latest bra campaign, they used everyday women with physical and mental disabilities, a woman with a colostomy bag, a variety of curvy girls in all sizes, women with vitiligo, and women of many races/backgrounds. American Eagle was also one of the first brands to feature hijab model Halima Aden.

AE has often led the pack in terms of diversity and representation so their decision to cast Saaneah is super on-brand for them. But it doesn’t make it any less meaningful.

As other brands try to step up their game, hopefully, they’ll take a note from American Eagle, who is currently *killing it.*

You can check out American Eagle’s new curvy jeans here.

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