Because she’s one tough cookie.


Amy Adams may be a five time Academy Award nominee, but even she had her moments of doubt (and we’re not talking about that awesome movie she did with Meryl Streep).

The actress recently answered fan questions for Buzzfeed. When asked if she ever lacked confidence she reflected on her early days of acting when everything definitely wasn’t so easy.

“I definitely had moments where I didn’t have a lot of confidence and had a lot of self-doubt. It was supported by getting fired a couple times, different projects not turning out the way I wanted them to, or certain people treating me a certain way. All sorts of those things can really come together and sort of undermine your self-esteem.”

So how exactly did she get through it all? A great support system, she says.

“I had a really great community of friends and peers that kept me on track. I think that is the key in getting through any sort of hard time is surrounding yourself with really quality people. People show you who they are, and you should believe them.”

So when your friends tell you that you’re awesome, believe them! Got it? Good!

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