Could the Hadid family BE any more gorgeous?

source: Instagram

Anwar Hadid just released the first image from his new Hugo Boss ad and wow! He looks amazing.

We’re trying really hard not to objectify him here, especially because he’s only 17 and underage, but damn it’s hard!

The youngest Hadid made his modeling debut last year in the Moschino Resort runway show and then appearing on the cover of Teen Vogue. Watch out Gigi and Bella — your baby bro is totally nipping at your heels!

He previously told Teen Vogue,

“I only got interested in fashion a couple of years ago, when Gigi and Bella started modeling. I didn’t grow up rocking designer clothes, so this is all very new to me, but I am now down to wear anything on set.”

Well we’re buying whatever you’re selling, Anwar. Keep up the good work!

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