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As the first South Asian nominated for a leading role, Aziz Ansari is already breaking barriers.

The actor/show runner recently sat down with CNN to discuss how he’s creating diversity on TV.

“I think the show is a testament to the idea that when someone watches something, or sees a script from some of our stuff, they might go, ‘Eh, I don’t know if a mainstream audience could really relate to this,’ which basically means, ‘I don’t know if white people will get this.’ And this tells them, ‘You know what? That’s bull****.’ We’ve all been watching stories about white people forever. Every minority has to sit there and watch this white guy go through stuff. People can relate to any problem, or story, as long as it’s well written.”

Aziz has definitely hit the nail on the head: diversity has been lacking from television from a long, long time. The success of the show just goes to show, as he says, that you don’t need a white lead to create a successful show.

He added,

“I think it shames people into not just billing their movies and TV shows with just white people, yeah. I do think it helps because ultimately they realize, “Oh yeah, that’s kind of f***ed up. You can’t do that. That’s not the real world. People aren’t going to buy it anymore.”

master of none
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[Tweet “”People can relate to any problem, or story, as long as it’s well written.” – Aziz Ansari”]

As for inspirations, he points to Chris Rock as a trailblazer in entertainment.

“I always think about Chris Rock, who’s a friend of mine. He really goes out of his way to foster new talent, and look out for talent that other people might not be looking out for. I try to do the same. The show is ultimately about seeing things from other perspectives, and hearing outsides voices… so it fits in with what we do with the show thematically. ”

Aziz recently finished filming the second season of Master of None in Italy and the episodes are set to premiere in 2017.

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