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Nick Viall has been cutting women left and right, and hasn’t been waiting for the typical rose ceremony to do so.

Case in point? Last week’s episode of The Bachelor when he suddenly told Danielle L. to pack her bags after she told him she was falling for him. Nick had already gotten rid of another girl on their two-in-one so it came as a complete shock to Danielle.

Prior to this, it seemed like the two had a great connection. They slow danced together at the Backstreet Boys concert and it looked like things were going strong for them. Perhaps she was even a frontrunner?

Danielle L. isn’t the first girl who got sent home this way. Nick also sent Dominique and Jasmine G. the same way.

So why isn’t Nick waiting until the rose ceremony to cut these girls lose? Nick told Bustle,

“It was important to me that at any moment I realized I didn’t see a future with any of these women that I didn’t have to wait for a rose ceremony to send them home. And, while in the moment that might seem awkward or more surprising and might hurt people’s pride, I thought it was actually better in the long run for them.”

It definitely seems harsh in the moment but we can see where he’s coming from.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Nick!

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