nick viall
source: Instagram

There’s a good chance we haven’t seen the last of Bachelor Nick Viall’s TV days.

With three runs on The Bachelor franchise and a spot on Dancing with the Stars, Nick Viall seems to really enjoy being on camera. But now, he might be turning to more professional roles. Well, at least, he’s getting more professional training.

Entertainment Tonight reports that Viall is taking a 6-week intensive acting course in Los Angeles where he is learning acting basics, before focusing on comedy training.

Nick took courses at the acting studio before his Bachelor season and has returned to the same studio for more intense training.

No word yet on his specific plans, but with his TV exposure and a newfound love for acting, we wouldn’t be surprised if he lands a few roles.

In terms of his personal life, things seem to be well in Nick and Vanessa’s world, despite prior rumors that the relationship was on the rocks. There is still no wedding plan, and don’t necessarily hold your breath for a televised wedding either. The couple emphasizes that they are focusing on their relationship. And honestly, more power to them. No need to rush into walking down the aisle.

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