Curvy Model Barbie Ferreira: 'Let's Stop Hating Ourselves and Feeding Into This Fucking Bullshit'

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Curvy model Barbie Ferreira is always keeping it real and I freaking love it.

The model recently made a video with Glamour to talk about body shamers, dieting as a child, and the worst backhand compliment you can give a curvy girl. She said,

“The worst pseudo-compliment is ‘Wow, you really must be so confident to be in that crop top. I admire you. You’re so brave.”

What are you supposed to say to that?

Luckily, Barbie says she forgives all the body shamers watching out there. In fact, she actually feels bad for them.

“You little body shamers, you! I know you’re out there! I feel you’re pain. I’m so sorry you feel the need to care so much about what someone else looks like. I’ve never looked at someone and been like, I have the need to comment on the way you look because I don’t like it. I kind of feel bad for you, body shamers. It’s ok. I forgive you.”

Wow, I’m pretty impressed that Barbie doesn’t let all those jerks out there get to her. Although it turns out she wasn’t always so confident with how she looks.

“I used to diet all the time as a kid. I started dieting in kindergarten. I don’t recommend it, but I also don’t judge people who want to do things with their body.”

Now Barbie is a beacon of body positivity and an inspiration to a ton of girls out there.

“There’s so much more to people than their differences. It’s a part of you—it’s something you should embrace and celebrate—but it’s not just that. I’m more than just a curvy girl.”

She added,

“There is no one type of beauty, and looking toward one standard is the [unhealthiest] thing in the world”


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