beyonce and blue ivy
source: Instagram

Beyonce and Blue Ivy attended the Beauty and the Beast premiere, and looked fabulous, naturally.

The pair matched in green dresses and looked pretty adorable, if you ask us. According to E! News, Beyonce wore $1,760 sandals along with her dress. Meanwhile, 5-year-old Blue stuck with Gucci in a dress that apparently retails for $26,000. What do you wear to the movies?

The pair seemed to have a lot of fun at their mother-daughter night as they took silly pictures in front of the Beauty and the Beast sign. The two let Jay Z tag along, but it looked like a ladies night all the way!

source: Instagram
beyonce blue ivy
source: Instagram

The two indulged on a ton of candy, including m&ms, skittles, and sour patch kids — hey, Beyonce is eating for three after all!

Beyonce revealed her pregnancy news last month (she’s carrying twins) has been showing off her baby bump in epic maternity clothing ever since. Although does it even count as “maternity” if it’s that stylish?

Other attendees included John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Celine Dion, and the film’s star Emma Watson. Watson has been busy on the press tour defending feminism

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