Beyoncé’s Instagram account was just named the most influential celeb social media account.

Even though we aren’t too surprised, this isn’t just a popularity contest. The title is actually calculated from statistical data drawn up by D’Marie Analytics.

Beyoncé is the fifth most-followed user on the app, with 98.7 million followers. But based on not just followers, but also post reach, engagement, and clicks, Queen Bey is deemed the most influential.

And influence like that has its perks. D’Marie Analytics estimates that each IG post by the singer is worth a whopping $1 million.

Bey recently passed Selena Gomez for the most liked photo on Instagram, with her pregnancy announcement shattering records. Gomez’s posts are valued at $775,000/each, so she’s doing pretty well herself. Although in a recent interview with Vogue, the singer and actress revealed that she is trying to distance herself from social media regardless.

All of this hype begs the question: can someone slide me some cash for my blurry brunch pics?


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