In these trying and bleak times, sometimes you need a good distraction.

billy eichner
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In these trying and bleak times, sometimes you need a good distraction. Comedian and actor Billy Eichner can provide.

Eichner has been on the scene and really increasing his presence in the last few years. You might recognize him as Craig from Parks and Recreation, as Billy on Hulu’s Difficult People,or from his truTV hit show Billy on the Street.

In the latter, Eichner literally takes to the streets to take celebrities and civilians alike on a pop culture and current events journey. From obstacle courses, rapid fire true/false questions, and completely subjective trivia, Eichner makes comedic gold while also making political and cultural statements.

Although the show’s most recent season just wrapped up, whose to say you can’t watch clips repeatedly until your eyes fall out?

So if you need a nice laugh to take a break from crying at the state of the world, re-visit these clips from Billy on the Street.

And just for fun…

Not all heroes wear capes; Billy Eichner wears purple shirts.

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