The future of birth control is here


Everybody rejoice! After working on an injectable birth control for men for years, it finally seems like the option could become a reality!

A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows the results of an injectable birth control meant for anyone with a penis. The injections contain hormones testosterone and progesteron, which in large quantities have the ability to diminish the concentration of sperm enough to prevent pregnancy. In other words, lots of hormones equal little sperm which equals no pregnancy! So cool!

The injection is still far from perfect, however, as the participants experienced a few unwanted side effects. (Although what girl hasn’t experienced her far share of side effects from birth control? Weight gain, anyone?) Side effects for the biologically male participants included acne, mood disorders, and erectile disfunction.

Due to the side effects, the researchers haven’t taken on any new participants in the last five years, but the study still shows lots of promise! The future is near!

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