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Turns out Blake Lively has some secrets up her sleeves! The actress recently revealed some juicy  tidbits in a recent interview with Michael Kors.

Lively and Kors sat down for a game of “Fact or Fiction,” in which the two guessed and revealed secrets about themselves.

Here are a few nuggets Lively shared in the game:

1. Ryan Reynolds played “Let’s Get It On” while she was in labor.
2. Her first kiss was on camera.
3. She had a huge crush on David Letterman.


Kors revealed a few things about himself too. For example, he may have introduced J-Lo to the concept of Jell-O shots. LOL.

Kors and Lively are good friends and Blake even sat front row at Michael Kors show at NYFW 2017.

Kors even said of their friendship,

“Blake and I have been friends for a long time and she always makes me laugh. I knew our fans would enjoy learning more about her, and she definitely has a competitive side, so inviting her to be a part of Glamour Games was really a no-brainer. Her sense of humor and sunny disposition are infectious. I think the video will make people everywhere smile. She brings charm and optimism — not to mention amazing hair and style — to everything she does.”

Watch the full video to learn more!

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