brie larson didnt clap casey affleck
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Two separate women have accused Casey Affleck of sexual assault and yet the Academy decided to award him with Oscar. Ridiculous, right? Well, Brie Larson, who presented him with the award is having none of it.

When Larson announced Affleck’s name as the Oscar winner, many Tweeters were quick to capture her reaction. It was seriously on-point.

And then when Affleck went to give his acceptance speech, everyone was clapping except Larson, who refused to give him any applause.

Well, done!

Brie Larson previously starred in the film Room in which her character is sexually abused, so we can imagine that the issue hits close to home for her.

Casey Affleck was accused of sexual assault on two occasions: by Amanda White, who produced his film I’m Still Here and by Magdalena Gorka, who acted as the film’s cinematographer. Affleck never admitted to either of the assaults and settles the suits out of court for an unannounced sum of money.

The circumstances were particularly troubling as Affleck, a white actor, was able to sweep the allegations under the rug the same year that black actor Nate Parker’s career was brought down by his own rape allegations. Yeah, the racial implications were not lost on us either.

We’re proud of Brie for reacting the way she did. Keep it up!

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