So stop pitting them against each other, ok?

Former Fifth Harmony member and now solo artist Camila Cabello would like to clarify things: she is not, in fact, in completion with her former band. So stop pitting them against each other, ok?

Cabello has been rather busy since splitting with the group and has already graced the cover of both Seventeen and Billboard. In her most recent interview with the latter, she opened up about life post-5H and how her music will differ from the group.

She admitted that while the drama of the very public split from 5H played out, she found herself crying at home in Miami.

“I went to the beach a lot. I listened only to Latin music. It reminds me of where I come from and that this doesn’t have to be World War III.”

And now that things are calming down, she wants everyone to stop trying to stir the pot.

“I know people will try and turn this into ‘Is she going to be more successful outside the group?’ To me, if I’m in the studio every day and I’m growing as an artist and I’m speaking from the heart, that’s success. The results don’t matter.”

Since leaving the group, Cabello is no longer on speaking terms with any of the girls, although she says that she has tried to reach out.

“I don’t want to get into the details of that, because it was really intense and it’s hard for me to talk about. It makes me sad.”

She still insists that she never wanted things to get as out of control as they did and that she thought her departure was pretty expected.

“I hoped that it would be a peaceful turning of the page and we would root for each other. But I only got love for them.”

We won’t turn this into a she-said-she-said, but let’s just say that 5H definitely has a different point of view on this one.

Camila Cabello has yet to release new music in 2017 but here’s to hoping her first album comes out soon. We’re rooting for your, Camila!

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