Real talk.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star and creator Charlie Day is a pretty relaxed dude. But the one thing that does stress him out? The thought that his five-year-old son Russell will one day be a bully.

While chatting with Bustle about his upcoming flick Fist Fight, he was asked if he ever gets worried that his son will get bullied in school like he was.

“I’m not too worried about him being bullied. He’s the biggest kid in the world for some reason. He hit the genetic jackpot, he’s a giant.

I’m more worried that he would be a bully to someone. That would be more devastating to me. I don’t want him to ever be the bully.”

In fact, he’d much rather his son get bullied, saying that he thinks getting bullied as a child built character.

“There are certain people that I still don’t care for in this world, but I think it motivated me.”

Well if Russell inherits his father’s demeanor, we think he’ll be ok!

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