All hail Chimamanda, queen of awesome!

Feminist author and powerful Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is officially the new face of No. 7 and we couldn’t be more psyched!

The novelist recently spoke to Racked about the misconception that beauty and feminism can’t go hand in hand and how she got her new gig.

She explained,

“It’s not at all something that I thought I would ever do. And I also want to be honest and say there have been moments since I’ve done the shoot that I’ve felt quite vulnerable in a way that isn’t comfortable.”

She added,

“But I think in the larger sense I wanted to be part of the message that women who like makeup also have important and serious things that they’re doing in their lives. And that those can co-exist, that women are a multiplicity of things. I think it’s time to really stop that ridiculous idea that somehow if you’re a serious woman you can’t and should not care about how you look.”

The Nigerian born and raised feminist is the author of celebrated books Purple Hibiscus, The Thing Around Your Neck, and National Book Critic Circle Award-winning Americanah.

She recalled how when she was first beginning her career as a writer in the U.S., she tried to tone down her appearance for fear that she wouldn’t be taken seriously.

“I think that for a while I just thought that I couldn’t possibly wear the lipstick I wanted to wear because I felt that I would be judged. I think that changed just with getting older, getting more comfortable in my own skin, and realizing that life is so damn short. There is just no point in living life based on what you imagine people expect.”

Chimamanda hopes her campaign will bring light to the issues of beauty and self-worth that so many girls struggle with as they try to find themselves, especially dark-skinned girls who find it difficult to come to terms with their skin color.

And in a time when the election results are on everyone’s minds, finding your perfect beauty product is just as important as ever.

“As I mourn, and for me the election result is a case for mourning, I still want to know what moisturizer will keep my winter skin from being too dry.”



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