Ever since Alabama’s draconian abortion bill came out, the resistance has been coming out swinging hard.

But the truth is that many of us are stuck wondering what we can actually do to stop these horrible abortion bans. Because tweeting and protesting are clearly not enough.

If you were feeling alone these last few days, don’t be: even celebrities with all the money and power and influence in the world are feeling the same way as you.

lively bralette

Speaking with Bustle, Chrissy Teigen recently expressed this sentiment. She said,

“I looked at John [Legend] the other day and I said… ‘Everything that’s happening in Alabama and women’s rights being stripped away, you wonder, what can you do? Like what can I say?'”

Of course, Chrissy is well known for tweeting her opinions (Trump has actually blocked her on the social platform), but even she knows that’s not enough.

“I don’t think a hashtag is going to fix what’s happening… it’s easy to retweet a hashtag, but it goes so far beyond that.”

For this specific incident, Chrissy and husband John Legend have worked closely with the local organizations in Alabama to figure out where their money would be best spent or where they should be making their donations.

If you’d like to do the same, head to Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates.


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